Complete Jewish Bible

Read about this Bible on a site I was visiting and thought it sounded okay, so I bought a copy.

The translator is a Messianic Jew who took on the task for two reasons. Firstly to show Jews that Yeshua (Jesus) is indeed the Messiah and to show Christians that the New Testament is a Jewish book, to reconnect Christians with forgotten or ignored Jewish roots.

Hebrew terms and names are used throughout. 

The language is not as formal as the translation I am used to, NASB, not as formal as the King James, (which wasn’t formal English at the time it was completed anyway) but that is not a bad thing. I seriously doubt that Jesus used formal language when talking to His disciples.

So far it is good, I have been comparing it to the NASB and the differences so far are ones of style.

I would love to hear what others think of this translation.


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