Fish cakes

We had salmon patties for dinner the other night. Big favourite in this house. And so very simple to make. You do not have to use salmon. Any fish will do, as you like.

All you do is combine your fish with some mashed potato and add whatever seasoning you wish. We like spicy so coriander was used as well as a couple of other things. You coat them with breadcrumbs and fry away, until cooked through. Goes really nice with salad.

Quick and easy and if you do it right, cheap. We use canned salmon from Aldi because we like it. But you can use the fish you catch yourself or tuna or whatever. Just be careful of bones.

Have fun and enjoy.

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Church was great

Hi all! It is a beautifully cool and rainy morning here. Time is 6:50am on Monday 30th March. For some obscure reason I was just about to type September.

Church yesterday was great. All about the love of God towards us and how we are called to ‘Behold the Lamb’ who takes away the sin of the world. It is in Him we find our peace and life, in the midst of this world which seems to be falling apart around us. Many are hurting and in need of prayer and we can come to Him and pray for them.

Can you hear His still small voice calling to you? Even this still small voice does not speak lightly and we must take heed.

But this only takes us to a place of love and peace and rest. Even when difficult decisions must be made.

Did you know that as He prays for us we can join Him and pray for others? As He poured out Himself for us so we are called to pour out ourselves in prayer for others.

All part of finding peace and rest and love in Him who is our Peace and Rest and Who is Himself Love.



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Lordship and love

Just wrote an email to lady who has been a friend for a few years now. And it was not a pleasant one to write but I felt I needed to do it. The issue is just what the topic says.

Why do people want the love of Christ, but do not want to obey His word? Or why do they just want the nice bits but not the sword of the word? You know that word, that very sharp two edeged sword.

Love is very important, but it is more than a feeling, it is an act of the will. We decide to love. And it isn’t always nice and pleasant. Loving can hurt, and can at times require that in order to be kind, truly kind, you must ‘hurt’ other people.

I am not talking about deliberately or in a nasty fashion, but simply speaking the truth, which they may not want to hear.

I can only pray that my love is expressed in the words I wrote.


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Greetings and welcome

Welcome to my blog. A place for me to muse about faith and life and share my thoughts and feelings and favourite recipes. Just a blog to express who I am in the Lord.

I will not avoid issues that may seem controversial such as headship, and I know I will step on peoples toes, but I do not see that as my problem. My faith is my faith, and the word of God is the word of God..

Feel free to comment but please do so in the love of Christ and do not use me as a guide for I am not perfect.

This is also my first post so please bear with me as I learn as I go.

Blessings to you.

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